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Irion Lumber Company is a small business specializing in supplying quality hardwood lumber to the furniture and architectural millwork trades. Our orientation is towards the customer and the job where the lumber is an important component in the success of the project. We carry a large inventory in different widths and thicknesses of just a few species, mainly cherry, tiger maple, walnut, butternut and mahogany. We are actively involved with selecting all the lumber we bring in whether it is green or already kiln dried, and we also purchase larger diameter and figured logs and crotches.

When we started this business our focus was on producing wide lumber and matched boards from the same log, and that is still a big part of what we do today. We have the type of material that is difficult to obtain from traditional lumber sources, mostly due to the time and effort required to find larger diameter logs and wide lumber and to keep the lumber together throughout the cutting and/or drying process until it is racked and ready to fill a special order. We also carry narrower stock that is of comparable quality to our wider matched lumber so that the customer can order all their lumber from one source, and we can try to match the grain and color of the material whenever possible.

Louis Irion, Owner

Irion Lumber Company - Warehouse
Irion Lumber - Wellsboro, PA
Irion Lumber Company - Hardwood Supplier
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Irion Lumber - Hardwood Supplier

Family Business

Our lumber company is the product of over 35 years of experience in woodworking and sourcing lumber for a business producing custom furniture to order, including the last 14 years spent procuring lumber to sell to other shops and individuals as well. I learned the furnituremaking trade and antique restoration from my father before opening my own shop, Irion Company-Furnituremakers in 1977. While working with my father I started visiting sawmills and buying logs and having them custom sawn in an attempt to obtain the type of lumber I saw in period furniture and similar aged homes. At the time there were very few alternatives to the large hardwood wholesalers and few other businesses specializing in this type of material, so we had to take matters into our own hands. We were specifically looking for wide and/or figured lumber and matching lumber from the same log, and the only way we could figure out to obtain such lumber at that time was to produce it ourselves.

We offer a large variety of cherry, walnut,
mahogany, maple, flame birch lumber, and more!
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