Tabletop Sets

We have always produced matched table top sets, and since we have installed our new sawmill and can saw larger diameter logs we have decided to concentrate on producing these tops as we can find suitable logs. These tops are more expensive than our regular lumber, mainly because the types of logs needed to produce table tops, large diameter clean butt logs, command a significant premium  above grade saw log prices.  There is a lot of lower grade lumber produced in the process of cutting these tops, and there are failures. Some are immediately apparent when the log is opened up, and some occur in the drying process.  We do everything we can do to minimize the damage, waxing the ends, bridging any splits with steel truss plates and air drying the lumber under roof for many months before finishing it in our low temp kilns. We even cut extra boards in case of failure. In the end, the matched set is only as wide as the intact boards and only as long as the shortest clear board, hence the added expense.

We also have a good stock of matched sets of lumber suitable for tops with boards in the 10” to 15” range that are less expensive, and  the quality is very good.  We produce more cherry tops than any other species, but we do have matched sets of mahogany, walnut, tiger maple and lesser amounts of elm, ash, butternut, maple and birch.  There are more examples of matched lumber on our Matched Sets pages, and there are a lot of good stock that doesn’t appear on our website. If you have questions or need more information, just give us a call and we can discuss the issues and options.

*****Rough Dimensions given are not a guarantee of finished size.  They are a educated guess as to what size top should be attainable.*****

We offer a large variety of cherry, walnut,
mahogany, maple, flame birch lumber, and more!
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