Heavy Stock – 2″, 2.5″, 3″ and 4″ Thick

We carry a large selection of 10/4, 12/4 , and 16/4 stock.  We have it in Cherry, Tiger Maple, Mahogany, Walnut and Butternut, We typically only get 1 or 2 pieces of heavy stock out of each log we cut.  Normally these boards are the last pieces cut from around the center of the tree.  We air dry our heavy stock for 1-3 years depending on the thickness.  It will then go into a kiln in order to get it as dry as possible.  There is a tremendous amount of degrade with heavy stock, so after it comes out of the kiln we will trim it up to remove splits and checks, as well as any major defects.  Sometimes we will only get a single table leg out of a whole piece. We carry pieces as short as 20 inches and as long as 14-16 feet.  Most of the pieces are squares, meaning they are as wide as they are thick and what ever length you need them.  We also try to cut it in to multiples of the thickness, in order to get two squares out of them.  We try not to to cut it much wider than two squares due to the difficultly and degrade of drying wider heavy material.  However, sometimes there is wider stock so if you need it wider please ask.

Please call us directly for ordering details and availability at (570) 724-1895.

heavy stock cherry
bedpost stock
heavy stock walnut
Leg stock in cherry and walnut
Heavy Stock Lumber
leg stock cherry and walnut
We offer a large variety of cherry, walnut,
mahogany, maple, flame birch lumber, and more!
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