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The difference between a good piece of furniture and a great piece of furniture is mostly highly impacted by the material you use. We are  constantly on the hunt for material that we know will give our customers something special for generations.  In the past we would find this material and store it so that when you called we could choose the stock we felt would work best for you.  Now you can look through our online store to see what we have and pick the perfect set of boards yourself.

The boards you see are representatives of the set.  We have skim planed only the ones you see in the photo.  The rest of the set is still rough.  I try to keep the milled boards at the thickness they are being sold as. (i.e. if it is a 4/4 set the planed boards are still at 1″ in thickness)

There is no minimum order when you purchase a set from the website.  Keep in mind you do pay a minimum shipping charge for anything up to 150 bdft.  You are able to get a shipping rate on the website.  You need to add the set to your cart and then start the checkout process.  After you enter your address, It will give you a shipping price.  All shipments are done via Common Carrier and someone will need to be present to receive the shipment.

Please keep in mind that what you see on the store pages is not the extent of our inventory.  We have thousands of board feet of lumber and smaller sets that are not photographed.  If you do not see what you are looking for please feel free to give us a call at  570-724-1895.

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