Calico Walnut – Sappy Walnut

With the high demand for walnut matched tabletops and the increased difficultly of receiving quality tops from our current suppliers we have begun to purchase more walnut logs. The reason we have resisted doing so in the past has been the high cost of the logs and the losses we have to take in order to get through the sap ring to the brown heartwood. However, as the demand for walnut has increased so has the willingness to use the white sapwood as a decorative aspect. Therefore, we are now cutting it a little differently in order to achieve a number of boards like what you see below.

Calico Walnut Species Lumber

The boards tend to be pretty wide. Most are running 10-16" in width. We cut heavy 4/4 and 5/4 thickness. If you have any interest in stock like this please let us know. The material will run $4.00 – 6.50 a bd ft depending on width.

Please give us a call for more information 570-724-1895.
Calico Walnut End Table
Calico Walnut End Table - MLYworks
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